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Robert S.

Courtney and Jeremy are absolutely incredible. The customer service and family dynamic here speak for itself. They pride themselves on educating everyone to make the loan process as painless as possible. Definitely give them a call if you're in La Mesa or anywhere in San Diego.

Megan R.

The decision to buy a home is one of the biggest ones a person can make and can be so overwhelming. We had heard horror stories of the mortgage process from our friends and family and were preparing ourselves for the worst...until we met the Patterson team! I cannot imagine a smoother, less stressful experience than the one we had. From the very beginning we felt like Jeremy and his team cared not just about selling us a mortgage, but about helping us build the right future the right way. He gave us strategies, options and advice that helped us find the perfect fit for us financially and for our family. Add in to that, the amazing thoughtfulness, quick response, and unending guidance from the whole team and you have the perfect situation. I cannot recommend this group enough!

Jonathan E.

This guy and his team are literally amazing! I have been utilizing him for help for nearly a decade and I couldn't possibly think of giving my business to anyone else. Not only did he change my family's life by helping us get into our very first home, he has done two refi's for us as well. As soon as you call him, and I promise he picks up every single time, there will be nothing you need to do as he takes care of it all. Jeremy is a consummate professional and a kind and caring person.

Vincent A.

The Patterson Teams customer service and knowledge of the different loans available was nothing short of Remarkable. The team walked me through the entire loan process. They thoroughly explained the significance of each loan document or type of data to complete the loan.
I have done a couple of other Home loans in the past. This Lender was the BEST.

Dan L.

The Patterson Team was introduced to my wife and I by our realtor. We are first time
Home buyers and I'll be honest with you, I wanted nothing to do with the process.

We first met with Jeremy mid last year. Jeremy went over all of our finances with us and told us all of the options. I was going into the process thinking it was going to be a sales gimmick or I would be getting call after email after call. The meeting went the complete opposite. It wasn't a meeting about a mortgage and getting a deal done. It was like we were hanging out with friends talking about this insane topic of buying a home. We never felt pressure and never felt stressed out. Little did we know it was just the start of a great thing. The wifey and I left the meeting terrified (because it is a lot of money) and relaxed (because we were now well informed).

Jeremey puts everything in front of you. Shows you. Explains it. Then explains it again. The guy is not some big wig money man. He is the guy you go to the desert with and ride quads and dirt bikes with. He is the dude you meet at The Hills bar down the road and you buy him a beer...

About a year later, wifey and I looked online again and boom! There it was the house we had been waiting for. It was a fast moving process. We wanted this house! I called my realtor and Jeremy. Jeremy made it happen. Met us last minute and walked us through the deal. Again, no stress.That's when It all started. You are waiting for something negative I know, but it's not gonna happen. I'm gonna go on with a bunch of positive stuff.In came Miriam and Emily. Part of the kick ass team they have.

Miriam is always answering my dumb calls with a last minute question or something that's already been emailed to me. Orrrr.. the best part, grabbing us a coffee (life saver) for our early or late night meetings. The biggest thing was helping me submit and coordinate the epic amount of documents. All in all it was easy, but who really has a printer and scanner? She hooked it up.

Emily was with us for the rest of the loan process. People often say there is no such thing as a stupid question... Well I asked every stupid question under the sun. She answered all of them even well after closing. email, call, it didn't matter she answered and QUICK. We had some very unique documents that we needed for the process. Emily met with my wife early one morning and spent several hours attempting to get the documents. Above and beyond!

The entire team promoted more customer service then should be allowed for one company. I never felt pressure. Never felt stress. The process was easy, but only because of them.

Anddd.... a little extra to top it all off. Since we got our home I've received emails and calls from Jeremy to just check in with us. Also an invite to a client night at a bowling alley.

Can't say enough about Jeremy, Emily, and Miriam.. Just an all around amazing team.

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