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One of the best feelings in the mortgage process is getting the keys to your home! The question is…have you gone through the right process for a smooth closing?

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All of us have different motivations for being in the mortgage business. What is your ‘motivation’ and are you leveraging the right tools to make your dream happen?

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Are you a Loan Consultant that understands how to transition their business into the digital age? See here –    

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44% of Americans have some form of regret within 2-3 years of purchasing their home…here’s how to make sure you’re not in the category. Click here –  

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I’ve always believed that it’s your lending team’s responsibility to educate your clients about how getting pre-approved can affect them. See why –

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Today, mortgage professionals spend a disproportionate amount of time buried in the minutiae of the loan process instead of focusing on scaling their operation to grow their businesses. Here’s how we do it differently –

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