Our top priority is helping families through the mortgage process by providing education and strategy.

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People think that the most important part of getting a mortgae is the rate…but that’s not the only thing you need to look out for. See why –

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One of the best feelings in the mortgage process is getting the keys to your home! The question is…have you gone through the right process for a smooth closing?

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44% of Americans have some form of regret within 2-3 years of purchasing their home…here’s how to make sure you’re not in the category. Click here –  

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I’ve always believed that it’s your lending team’s responsibility to educate your clients about how getting pre-approved can affect them. See why –

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Just because you can afford a home, doesn’t mean now is the right time to buy. Preparation is a simple step that most homebuyers ignore…see why we do it differently here –  

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What do you do the day after you just bought your new home? That was the big goal and the plan, so now what? What’s your new goal and what’s the plan for the future? See how we help you find yours –

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We believe in being an active partner in helping our Realtor Partners grow their businesses and educate their clients. Lead Gen, Referrals, Workplace, and Social are all strategies that allows us to drive business back to them. See how –  

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Standing Out

In San Diego County you have a 16.6% chance of getting your home offer accepted. Ours is 72%. See how we do that –

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