Our top priority is helping families through the mortgage process by providing education and strategy.

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People think that the most important part of getting a mortgae is the rate…but that’s not the only thing you need to look out for. See why –

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One of the best feelings in the mortgage process is getting the keys to your home! The question is…have you gone through the right process for a smooth closing?

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44% of Americans have some form of regret within 2-3 years of purchasing their home…here’s how to make sure you’re not in the category. Click here –  

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Just because you can afford a home, doesn’t mean now is the right time to buy. Preparation is a simple step that most homebuyers ignore…see why we do it differently here –  

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Standing Out

In San Diego County you have a 16.6% chance of getting your home offer accepted. Ours is 72%. See how we do that –

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Client Experience

Today, more than ever, realtors & lenders must deliver an outstanding home buying experience to differentiate themselves from the competition. Here’s why –    

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